Hand by Hand to enforce the Secondhand Smoking control legislations in SA

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Example of activities that promote smoking ban in Saudi Airports

The year of 2003 was a remarkable year in the history Public health in Saudi Arabia. At that year, the public health activists celebrated the signing of tobacco control bill by the Prime Minister of King of Saudi Arabia (the king). The passing of these legislations proceeded by an extraordinary activities which associated with the development of this policy within the Consultation Council. It took three years in the Minsters Council to approve the Consultation Council anti-tobacco recommendations, which was submitted on 2000.

As a matter of fact, this legislation addressed the importance of fighting the secondhand smoking in two articles 7 and 14. These articles impose ban of smoking in public indoors and outdoors areas and facilities (article 7) . Also, give the authorities the power of penalization of violators with 200 Saudi riyals (50 USD), article 14.

ban smoking at Saudi Airports

Unfortunately, over the last eleven years the public have not noticed any changed in smoke ban at public areas. Carelessly, the smokers still poison the air in public areas; at governmental offices, hospitals, public transport, restaurants, public parks, recreation centers, around schools and so on.  Despite these legislations, the unchanged in this tragic situation raises many questions; where is the regulations, do we need 11 years to develop tobacco control regulations, why this policy is not being enforced, who are the people involved with frizzing the development of regulation and implementing the policy, is there a lobby in the Kingdom supports the continuation of smoking and attract young people to fall into the claws as suggested by Shura Council member, Mohamed Alqoihs.

What we should do?

In public health activists in Saudi Arabia should know that there is a need of collaboration and more effort to push these legislations to be implemented and be active. We have to involve the public and the community to develop changing prusser on at the higher level in each organization and offices. This communities and payers can be Medical and health care student societies, religious sectors, Community Volunteer groups, human rights, parents and non-smokers and many others. They can be reached in public gathering ( in Friday prayers, universities) or by organized utilization of social media, TV and radio. With the support of public and community movements and pressure, we have two known experiences; one at the Saudi  airports and the seconds is KSU anti-tobacco charter and regulation. The public movement in media pushed the authority to practice its police power in light of this legislation; even the regulation is not been developed.

I hope this regulations see the light soon !

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